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Moody Monday

Moody Monday // Pumpkin Spice Mix

September 24, 2012

I know we are all super excited for Fall but it was still quite the slap in the face this morning when we woke up to it being 39 degrees out. I’m not complaining or anything but HOW DO PEOPLE GET OUT OF BED WHEN IT’S COLD OUT? I can already foresee many [many] lazy days in bed with my macbook and hot tea in my near future.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We tried to go apple picking yesterday but the Midwestern drought that struck our entire month of July seems to have thrown off the growing season and all the apples had already fallen from the trees. Ah well, at least we got some yummy apple cider and fig jam out of the experience (and persimmon pulp…more to come on that in a future post…).

Here are a few pictures from a mid-week dinner picnic we went on last week. Nothing like watching the sunset over the lake to cure the mid-week blues. [warning: sorry cat lovers but there are A LOT of dog pictures to follow…Tuko was being extra photogenic that day and seems to have jumped into 90 percent of my photos from the evening]:




So yeah, last week I promised you that I would get the last bit of summer out of my system and move onto fall this week. That means that I won’t be posting that absolutely delicious bruschetta recipe I had hope to but I will be posting lots of cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin themed recipes this week. MMMMMMM.

Oh, and speaking of cinnamon…let’s start the week off with an essential: pumpkin pie spice. I grew up using pumpkin pie spice that was prepackaged from our grocery store but did you know it’s ridiculously simple to make your own? And on top of that, you can make it with spices that you more than likely have sitting in your pantry. How cool is that? So why not whip up a batch to use in all your fall baked goods, to sprinkle on top of warm oatmeal, and to spice your cider with?


Pumpkin Pie Spice

  • 4 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 2 teaspoons ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon ground allspice

Mix together and sprinkle over everything. BAM! That’s it.

Store in an airtight container with the rest of your baking spices.

Moody Monday // Basil Salt

September 17, 2012

Hello, Gloomy Monday. The overcast and rain made it particularly hard to get out of bed this morning but this picture from camping next weekend managed to brighten my mood. So…here I am… currently moving pretty [very slowly] into my week. Ah, oh well.

Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope so! Mine was spent with family, at the farmer’s market, cooking yummy food, plant shopping and doing yoga. I picked up some delicious looking butternut squash (helllooooo, Fall!) and some sweet corn (before it’s too late!)…ah, I love this “in-between” part of the season where summer vegetables are still around but fall produce is also popping up.

However, now it’s back to business! I’ve spent a good portion of today looking at website designers and am feeling very frustrated. It’s like looking for the perfect home to move into! There are endless options but I can’t seem to find the right designer/company that fits both my style and my budget. And so the search continues….



And to continue our discussion from last week’s Moody Monday, let’s talk about another way to preserve basil! Come on, I know you all have pots upon pots full of basil blooming in your backyard right now and we all know they will be gone as soon as that first [unexpected] frost hits. So pick as much as you can and let’s bake some basil salt! [or preserve some pesto like we did last week!]

Who needs plain old basic salt when you can make your own flavored salt? Basil salt is a fun way to retain the flavors of summer all year long. In the summer, sprinkle it on top of a [cucumber/cream cheese] sandwich or enjoy with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. In the winter, enjoy with an Italian-inspired pasta dishes or even on top of your morning pile of eggs and hash browns.

Oh and did I mention that the subtle mint tint the basil gives the salt is absolutely beautiful? Yup, not lying.

Basil Salt

  • 1/2 cup basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup coarse salt

Preheat oven to 225 degrees.

Pulse everything in a food processor until incorporated and finely ground. On a parchment lined baking sheet, spread out the salt so that it’s in a single layer.

Bake for 30-40 minutes and stir halfway through the cooking process.

Enjoy sprinkled on everything!

Moody Monday: Pontoon Party

August 27, 2012

Well I missed “Searchable Saturdays” this week because things got super crazy with work. We had several clients in town all last week for a conference which meant lots of wining and dining followed by a lake day on Saturday. My company rented two pontoons and we spent the day on Lake Monroe…not a bad way to spend a business trip.

Anyhow, it’s Monday and I am back in action! I have so many delicious recipes in store this week that I can hardly stand waiting to share them with you!

Also, we are wrapping up our last week of August which means I need to look back and see how I did on my August to-do list. Yikes!

And lastly, Fall seems to be on everyone’s mind (including mine) and new seasons mean change. I’ve worked a lot these past six months on my photography, sidebar pictures, and banner but I am still not satisfied with the limiting blog templates that has to offer. It seems that I am beginning to think about upgrading my blog layout so if anyone has any blog designer suggestions, let me know!

Moody Mondays: Dog Days of Summer

August 20, 2012

Top left: A new terrarium that I have been working on for the living room. Top Right: Lake Monroe Bottom Left: Homemade donuts (recipe to come later this week!) Bottom Right: Tuko [again- sorry...I seem to take a lot of food and puppy pictures]

Good afternoon, Monday! I have SO many delicious recipes that I cannot wait to share with everyone that I ALMOST skipped Moody Monday today [but I felt like that was cheating and decided against it].

This coming week is going to be a very very busy one for me so I shall try to prep some posts in advance but can’t promise that I will be on top of blog things. My day job is working at a small independent record label distributor and we are hosting a conference this week for our 25 indie rock labels that we distribute. This means lots of meetings, mingling, karaoke, boats, and drinking…which can be very time consuming [but fun]!

So…no moods today! Just lots of prepping, planning, and drinking tons of water.

Make sure to check back this week for recipes on a delicious vegetable farro salad, homemade chocolate donuts, and eggplant BBQ tacos (to name a few)!

Moody Monday: Puppy Party

August 13, 2012


Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It finally cooled off around here this weekend which meant that my tomatoes are finally almost done ripening! Yay! In other news- this is going to be a very very busy week for VV. Hope you are all ready for it!

This weekend was a busy one! Wyatt’s parents came to visit and they brought Tuko’s 10 week old little brother (SOOOO ADORABLE) and their other boxer dog. This meant that it was a puppy part allllll weekend long.

Pictured above: Tuko’s little brother & me, Slaw veggie dog, the [empty] dam at the dog park, and Tuko & his little brother (looooook at how big tuko is compared to him!).


Moody Monday: Staycation

July 30, 2012

So I went into this weekend basically having no plans (outside of Friday night) and was almost kind of nervous about it. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a long list of things to do on the weekend. I mean…don’t get me wrong- there are dozens of awesome things to do in Bloomington in the summer (farmer’s market, quarries, drive in, canoeing, wine tasting, brewery tours, etc) but I just was not feeling any of the usual spots that I like to spend my free time. So, instead, I approached Bloomington as if I was an outsiders looking to visit it (a well-known practice for anyone who has been ‘taking’ those trendy Staycations this summer).

What I found through my research was that there are DOZENS of trails, lakes, and nature preserves all within 30 minutes from Bloomington that I have never heard of. WOAH! How awesome is that? I picked out the closest one with waterfalls (I have the biggest weakness for waterfall picnics) and planned my whole Saturday around it.


And it was the perfect day adventure! The trail was only a little over a mile but we crossed paths with waterfalls, evergreens, caves, and swamps. So beautiful and only ten minutes from my house! It blows my mind that I’ve lived here for 5 years and I am still discovering new beautiful spots all the time.

In other weekend news, my Ma stopped by on her way back from a business trip. It was nice to finally show her the house that we had put so much work/time into. I am hoping they can come down for a longer visit in the coming weeks. Oh! And Wyatt played his first show with his new band which went perfectly!

Two of the pictures above are from our little day adventure on Saturday (bottom left and top right). The top left one is from some cacti shopping I did at my favorite nursery a couple of days ago and the bottom of is Tuko and I sleeping in on Sunday (much-needed!).

Well, these “moody” posts are seeming less and less moody and more just little, nice peaks into my life. Perhaps I am not as cranky as I always had told myself I was! And perhaps I need to consider renaming this column…hmm…



Moody Monday: Summer Banner

July 23, 2012

Good afternoon. I am going to keep this short because I have been feeling under the weather the past few days and am not the most chipper I have ever been.

Anyhow, I FINALLY got around to making a more summery banner (it only took until the end of July!). It’s super similar to my old one but just has a picture from a lake picnic instead of from the winter waterfall picnic. What can I say? I loooooove picnics and the whole idea that surrounds them. The concept of eating outside while enjoying a beautiful scene and relaxing with some of your favorite people…makes me very glad to have a picnic memory be the first thing people see when they open my blog up!

Anyhow, here are a few more pictures from the weekend. Nothing in particular…a new banner I made, a cocktail concoction (hope to have the recipe up later this week), farmers market, and lake supplies. A little bit from everything I did this weekend!


Moody Monday: Sunburns and Live Music

July 16, 2012

While everyone was at Pitchfork this weekend, I managed to get my own dose of music and sun: we saw King Tuff on Friday followed by Wyatt’s band playing on Saturday followed by an all day lake excursion on Sunday. It was a really busy but enjoyable weekend.



Although it is only Monday morning, we are already starting to prep for next weekend. I think we are going to finally have our house warming party on Friday which means the next couple of evenings will be filled with cleaning, rug searching (so much hardwood- so few rugs!), and party prep (oh! I LOVE recipe searching for appetizers!).

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and are ready for a full week of recipes supplied by yours truly!

Moody Monday: Extra Extra Long Weekend

July 9, 2012

Well, I hope everyone had a fantastic previous week and a great 4th of July. After five wonderful days of sleeping in, lying around the house, and getting to know my new kitchen…it is back to work. Ah, oh well.

I may still be posting a little less this week because we are still lacking in internet at our new house and I don’t always feeling like trekking my laptop down to the local coffee shop (although my bike has a little basket that fits my laptop perfectly so I really should not be complaining). This is such a shame because I made soooo many yummy things over my long vacation and I cannot wait to share them with you!


Here are a few snapshots from the long weekend: We watched the 4th of July fireworks in a big ‘ol, wide open, corn field (ooooh, Indiana). Also, Tuko and I indulged in many afternoon naps on our new couch so that we could enjoy the outsides late at night when it was cooler. Oh, and lastly that is my tomato plan with its first few signs of color! Yay!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week ahead and I will hopefully be posting some delicious recipes in no time!

Moody Monday: Move In Time

June 25, 2012

Why hellooooooooooooo, Monday….not gonna lie, I was not prepared for you! We spent all weekend moving (drove 10 hours between Friday and Saturday to pick up furniture in Chicago) and I feel like I have been going non-stop since we got the new place two weeks ago!

Anyways, no need to complain! I love it and I really do enjoy redecorating and making the place our own. Although a big portion of the weekend was spent putting together ikea furniture, we did managed to find some time to have a little fun!


Top Left: We have “happy hours” at work on most Fridays. It’s always a great way to start off the weekend and last Friday they brought in ice cream and root beer for a “Root Beer Float Happy Hour”. It was a great change of pace from the beers they usually supply.

Top Right: Movin’ Movin’ Movin’. We managed to fit our entire living and bedroom in Wyatt’s car to bring down from Chicago on Saturday.

Bottom Left: We took Sunday afternoon off and went out to the lake. Wyatt played chess with his brother and I swam in the lake with Tuko. It was a much needed break from the constant traveling we have been doing lately.

Bottom Right: And lastly, I took a quite walk to our local bookstore (Boxcar Books) and picked up some of these gems. Can’t wait to whip up a few of these recipes for my blog ASAP!

Moody Monday: Paint Party

June 18, 2012

Well, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend filled with a surplus of delicious food and play time in the sun. Although my weekends usually consist of a great deal of both those, I actually had a very different type of productive weekend. We received the keys to our new house on Friday which meant all weekend was spent painting and cleaning. Painting is not something I do often and I was surprised to find it rather therapeutic and very satisfying.

The house is exactly what we had wanted. A two bedroom (an extra room for our art studio), a large and fenced in backyard for Tuko, high ceilings and within walking distance to our favorite co-op grocery store. There were, however, some drawbacks – like the hideous dark feather painted walls and the rusted bath tub (with no shower extension?!? I guess the house was built in 1933…); we decided it would be best to tackle these problems before we started actually moving our things in. We managed to pick up some beers, crank up the local classic rock station, and crank out painting three rooms in 2 days. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

As for what’s left? We just need to do the kitchen and we’ll be ready to move in! Do I see an Ikea trip in my near future? I think so!


Pictured Above: A light mint in the living room to go with these funky 70′s chairs that Wyatt insisted on getting. Checkered tile in the sun room- can’t wait to add some plants for an accent of green. Bedroom has managed to only be filled with my dresser and typewriter. And lastly, Tuko’s new playground (AKA our backyard).


I ended the weekend with a corona and some light reading. I HIGHLY recommend Make Your Place for all you DIY (and Zine) lovers out there! Next up? Can’t wait to dig into Barefoot & In The Kitchen and Homesweet Homegrown!

Moody Monday: Pool Party Weekend

June 11, 2012

Monday, I cannot believe you are here again already! I feel as though I am starting off the week on an off note because we did not get back from our weekend trip until late last night and I am not prepared for the week. However, this is okay because we had a great time at my parent’s house and going into Chicago for my brother’s graduation.

This week is going to be crazy busy with my etsy shop finally getting rolling, packing, Tuko getting neutered, and more packing. We are (!!!) finally moving into our new house on Friday which means several things for VV:

1. there should be some VERY interesting recipes within the next few days while I attempt to use up what we have in our pantry so we will have less to move into our new place

2. Things may be slow around here (hopefully not) recipe wise as I transition into my new kitchen. However, that may mean posts will be substituted with fun glimpses into our moving/decorating process…which could also be exciting!

Anyhow, hopefully memories of an awesome weekend by the pool (with blueberry cocktails and my amazing family) and having our new home to look forward to will get me through this week!


Oh and here is an adorable music video to get you through your morning!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>





Moody Monday: Exploring Cedar Bluffs

June 4, 2012

Well good morning! It’s Monday again and to make matters worse- it’s super gloomy and rainy as well! Gross. Let’s talk about happier things…like the weekend! Okay?

Anyways,this weekend was the first time in about a month that we were not out of town for it and it was perfect. I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen cooking (much needed therapy cooking session- felt like it had been forever) followed by a grill out with a couple of our friends. And then on Sunday we took a hike at Cedar Bluff which was absolutely beautiful. This small hike gives you a bit of everything- stroll in the woods, walk along a creek, and climbing up some huge limestone mounds to reveal a great view!

We had originally planned to go to the lake on Sunday but we go to the lake a lot and I was feeling like exploring. I’ve lived in Bloomington for almost five years now (eep!) and I use to explore all the time. We have gorgeous lakes, forests, and waterfalls surrounding the area and yet we always seem to go to the same spots for leisure activity. Yesterday reminded me how fun it is to explore a new spot and do a fun little day trip.



Oh! And I knocked two things off of my goal list this weekend!

7. Get my Etsy shop up and running

8. Make Homemade dog biscuits for Tuko

Done and done!

No Moody Monday

May 28, 2012

Good Morning! No Mood here! We spent the last two days up north visiting Wyatt’s parents. It was a very relaxing break from the usual routine. We went to their local farmer’s market, visited a very cool music store (that we, at work, distribute to!), took naps in the hammock, drank margaritas, grilled out, and had a bonfire. A perfect first half to Memorial weekend!


Well, I am off to make a quinoa salad for a grill out at the lake today. Be back tomorrow with the usual (and delicious) recipe posts! Have a great Monday!

Moody Monday: Summer Sun

May 21, 2012

Good Morning, Monday! This weekend came and went much too fast. Although, I have to admit that this is the first time in 6 months that I did not have homework looming over my shoulder all weekend (Yay for having two full days to do whatever I want – minus some laundry doing)!

Anyways, I spent those glorious two days in the sun and at the lake with friends. We grilled out for dinner BOTH Saturday and Sunday. And I made some amazing [mango and pineapple] sangria to go with our Saturday funsies which went over fabulously.

Altogether a successful weekend! If this wasn’t enough to get me through the week, I also have a 3 day weekend coming up! What to do with all that free time? Host a cook out? Take a mini trip to Nashville, TN? Organize a group camping trip to Turkey Run? Oh, the possibilities!

Moody Monday: Back From the Wild Wild West

May 14, 2012

And I’m back! After a much needed week-long adventure to Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, I am back at work and back into the routine.

The trip was absolutely amazing and we experienced soooo many amazing things including camping on the beach, hanging out in mountain logging towns, and exploring New Mexico thrift shops.I am hoping to have a full post of pictures later this week so stayed tuned!

As for Moody Monday, it’s not so moody around here with all the exciting happenings (still on cloud nine from my trip and officially starting my full-time job at Secretly Canadian Distribution today).

Hope to be back into action with recipe posts tomorrow! Happy Monday!

Moody Monday: Graduation

April 30, 2012

This Monday is a bit strange for me. It does not really feel like a Monday at all because I have been busy all weekend writing papers and getting ready for my post graudation trip (we are taking Tuco on his first camping trip to Arizona!). Anyways, what is going to get me through the week is knowing that after 4 years of this routine, I will officially be a graduate next weekend. Yikes!

My pictures for the post are a picture of me with friends from each year I have been in school. I usually try to not be so self absorbent (by posting so many pictures of myself) but it was just too much fun to see the changes over the years. I feel like a completey different person than I was four years ago and it’s so strange to imagine that I am about to start a new and different growth period in my life. Anyways, this post was suppose to be fun and to see the evolution over the years (top left is freshman, top right is sophomore, bottom left is junior, and bottom right is this year). Exciting things!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Moody Monday: Baker Bettie’s Cookie Wars 2012 / Hazelnut Shortbread with Marscapone Frosting

April 23, 2012

Oh…Hi, Monday. Did anyone go to Record Store Day on Saturday? I went to support my local store and listen to one of my co-worker’s DJ. Also, I picked up the newest Nobunny album as a house warming gift to Wyatt and I and got an exclusive Record Store Day 7″.

Anyways, my monday has not been SO moody so far because I am still on cloud nine from finding out I won Baker Bettie’s Cookie Wars yesterday! Yay! It is the first food (or blog) contest I have ever entered (I am the LEAST competitive person you will ever meet) but it was a super fun challenge to create something within the guidelines of the contest.

Soooo…for my Moody Monday post I am going to celebrate my cookie creation by posting the recipe and some pictures!

Make sure to go check out what everyone else who entered made because there are some serious creative cookies in there. I can’t wait to try the Passion Fruit Goat Cheese Mint Cookies or the Chili Dipped Coffee Biscotti. Mmmmm!


For the cookie:

  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 sticks of butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup chopped hazelnut

For the frosting:

  • 1 cup mascarpone cheese
  • 1 vanilla bean, seeds only
  • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • dash of vanilla extract
  •  Blackberries for garnish

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Combine the flour, salt, and cinnamon in a bowl. In another bowl, blend the butter and brown sugar until fluffy. Then mix in the dry ingredients to the butter/sugar fixture. Fold in the hazelnuts. Spread dough (you can try to roll it but it’s a bit crumbly) onto a floured counter top and cut out desired shapes. Place on a greased cookie sheet. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes or until the edges brown (this will depend on how thick you make the dough).

Remove from oven and let cool.

To make the frosting: Take out the vanilla seeds by slicing the pod in half and scraping a knife along the inside of the bean. Whisk together the mascarpone, vanilla seeds, honey, and vanilla extract. Spread on the shortbread and top with a blackberry!


Moody Monday: Dog Park Picnic

April 16, 2012

Why hello Monday, is that you…AGAIN? Okay, well I least I just had a beautiful weekend to hold me over. This weekend was filled with picnics, the farmer’s market, and live music so I can’t complain too much.

Today’s Moody Monday is about picnics (and how much I freaking love them). But to be more exact, it’s about the picnic I had yesterday. As you probably know if you’ve ever read my blog previously, I have a really really cute boxer puppy that has more energy in a day than I have in an year. Luckily, Bloomington has an amazing dog park that backs up to a lake with lots of dog friendly trails.

Anyways, so yesterday I made up a few yummy veggie sandwiches stocked full of farmer’s market produce and carrot slaw and we headed to the park. We took our puppy for a hike and had a beautiful picnic out in the woods. It was a perfect ending to an eventful weekend.




Moody Monday: Porch Naps

April 9, 2012

Monday, agaiiin? The weeks are going by so fast! I graduate in less than a month and am in no way ready for “the real world”. I feel too young and niave still…I feel too entitled to everything still. I am not ready for that reality check.

On a happier note, I went to the first Farmer’s Market this past Saturday. Oooooh, how I love the market! Fresh produce, plants, baked goods, puppies! As I noted in my previous post, I got some yummy produce that I used right right away and am already ready for next week’s market! Oh summer…you are approaching fast!

Anyways, Moody Monday… I think I shall write today’s post about porch naps. I have an absolutely fabulous porch AND a plant filled sunroom which I have become keen to on windy days. Both days this weekend I took some afternoon naps on them and could have not been more satisfied. What is a better feeling than waking up to fresh air and beautiful sunshine?

This is the view of my paper crane mobiles when laying on my couch in the sunroom. The thought of porch naps will be what gets me through this week!

What’s your Moody Monday perker?

Moody Monday: Pancake Party

April 2, 2012

It felt particularly hard to get out of bed today. I think I was dreaming that I woke up and it was Saturday so I felt cheated when I woke up to Monday morning smacking me in the face. Oh well, life goes on, right?

Today’s Moody Monday is about eating breakfast/brunch for dinner! I am not sure if there is any food genre (I don’t think “food genre” is a real term but oh well) I enjoy more than Brunch. However, it is never convenient to host a brunch party when you associate with a group of youngsters who wish they were rock stars and think it’s cool to party all night and wake up at 4 PM. This has led me to really appreciate breakfast for dinner because it allows you to make all the essentials (french toast, bloody marys, mimosas, hashbrowns, etc) without having to worry about no one showing up.

The other Friday I had a few people over from work and we had a pancake party. Without the help of Evan, we whipped up some yummy versatile pancakes that we managed to throw dark chocolate chips, hazelnut, and strawberry jam into. Mmmmm.

Kristin managed to rock the pancake flippin’

Pancake mix-ins inspired By Food Coma!

Moody Monday

March 26, 2012

Here it is again! Oh Mondays…you seem to come up so quickly these days. Luckily, this weekend was filled with cooking, family, and music shows so I have no reason to complain.

Today’s Moody Monday is about all the sprouting going on! Ahh! It’s March and my blueberry bush has already sprouted and all the trees are practically in full bloom! It’s crazy but gorgeous and it’s the kind of simple pleasure that can’t help but make you feel relaxed (even if it is Monday).


Moody Monday or Tortured Tuesday?

March 20, 2012

Moody Monday on a Tuesday? Yeah, it doesnt make sense but I was just having too much of a Moody Monday to even post about it! I know that seems strange but I was just in a really negative funk and didn’t want to write a negative post.

But now it’s Tuesdays! And Tuesday is my longest day (classes from 10 am to 9 pm) so why not think of something to get me through my “Torture Tuesday”?

Today’s Tortured Tuesday is pictures from the Lake this weekend. Not only was it 80 this weekend (Hellooooo…March??) but it was also sunny and just begging for us to have a lake day. We have this spot in the middle of the forest that is known to only fishers and other young college students (no squares allowed!) and we had it all to ourselves this weekend which meant playing our tapes extra loud and introducing our puppy to the chilly water.

Why is it not Saturday again already?

Moody Monday

March 12, 2012

Monday, again? Thankfully I have a semi-easy week with it being Spring Break…although I remember when spring break meant having a week off…now I only manage to have Tuesday and Thursday off and have to work the other days. Oh well, I like my job… no complaining.

Anyways, my Moody Monday post is about my huuuuuuuge brick porch that could be a house in itself. It’s absolutely amazing and I love spending all of my free time on it. It was so nice this weekend that I was able to not have one but TWO picnics on it!

On Saturday, Ella (my wonderful roommate), Tuco (pictured below), and I had a coffee date with biscotti and Turkish tea! Mmmm

And then last night, Wyatt and I had a dinner picnic full of yummy soup (post about this adventure to happen ASAP) and open faced sandwiches.

And my porch has the best view for me to lean against the brick and watch my boys play!

Moody Monday

March 5, 2012

Today was a particularly dreadful day to get out of bed. For one, there was SNOW on the ground! We didn’t have snow from December to February and now that it’s March (and we are expecting to not get snow) it snows. This just started me out on the wrong side of the bed.

And then I get to work to find out that the heat is broken here! Yay! So we all get to wear our coats and gloves until the repair man comes to fix it.

Anyways, so this was a bad start to my week but what do I have to help improve my Moody Monday?


Let’s see…we’ll there is this blog which is the cutest thing to ever hit the internet:

This website makes me want to make a zine with adorable veggies pictures so bad (you know…the pictures where the veggies have facial expressions and are doing human like activities. I think I’m going to try to work on a zine over Spring Break (new goal- just set it!).


Oh, and I’ve been listening to Nobunny all morning which will drastically  helped even the worst case of the Mondays: