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September 17, 2013

[Insert huge rant about everything going wrong. I originally had 3 paragraphs of a rant here but it all seemed so petty after re-reading it. Funny how sometimes you just need to write out your problems to be reminded how good you really have it]

What’s a girl to do when she feels like all the little things seem to be going wrong? Take a deep breathe..and notice the smell of fall in the air. When did that happen? Was it when I was in the kitchen bitching about my eclairs not coming out after 3 hours of baking? Or when my computer kept crashing every time I tried to upload a photo? Or maybe it was when I was on an exhausting 5 day long business trip in Atlanta…it must have been then? Yeah, that was it. Not that I’m complaining about it. A hint of crisp in the air is always so relieving against my tense body and created a surge of excitement in me earlier this week. A surge of excitement for pumpkin flavored everything, late night bonfires, big sweaters with knee high socks, and warm cups of tea. Let’s just take another deep breath and look at some fall-themed inspiration, shall we?




FASHIONING /// I live for over size sweaters and knee high socks. Thanks to past end-of-the-season sales, I’ve managed to collect knee high socks in pretty much every dark shade of blacks, greys, greens, and blues to ever exist. And my need for thrifting always keeps me stocked on over-size, funky geometric shape patterned sweaters.

CRAVING /// Pumpkin flavored BAGELS?! Yes yes yes, please!

INSPIRING /// Chai smores? Talk about a perfect fall dessert for the next time we have a bonfire. Fall for me means Chai flavored EVERYTHING. Can’t wait to see what I come up with for VV this fall.

CREATING /// And speaking of bonfires… another favorite fall activity! We usually host horror movie nights once a week in the fall leading up to Halloween. This also usually entails a bonfire and big sweaters. So many favorite things in one place. Now…if only I could get myself to like scary movies….

What are you most excited for this fall?


Searchable Saturdays

July 27, 2013

Morning! By the time this is posted, I will be off exploring the Pacific Coast. I’m writing from an airplane (woohoo for wi-fi) where I am watching the Southwest desert pass us by and consuming obnoxious amounts of soda water (but am refusing to let myself have to pee on this trip). Anyhow, I hope to have some wonderful photos to share of my journey when I return, but for now…let’s chat about some photos from other people around the web…





1. CRAVING /// Broiled Apricot and Cherries with Fresh Ricotta and Thyme. WHAT?! I’m not even sure if I fully understand what all is going on here but I do understand that I want to eat it all.

2. DREAMING /// We’ve been thinking pretty seriously lately about getting another dog. I want one so badly…when I see all the dogs that need homes from the shelter and know that I could make their lives 100000x time better, it makes me so sad. Tuko is almost 2 and he still has crazy energy and pretty obviously longs for another dog companion. The problem, of course, lies with what would happen if we wanted to move and they wouldn’t accept two dogs…or if one of them had a large medical emergency that we couldn’t afford. Sigh. I just don’t know what to do!

3. CREATING /// I love kitchen projects and haven’t embarked on any major ones lately. I’ve actually never canned. Weird? Maybe but I don’t eat a lot of canned food so it doesn’t seem that irrational? BUT, on that note, I will can. Whether it be jam or pickles or corn relish or enchilada sauce. It will happen. I am now determined.

Also, another food project I am going to start when getting back from San Fran is trying to keep a sourdough starter. I’ve always been so intimidated by the thought of it but it’s really not that hard..right?!

4. LUSTING /// Gourmande in the Kitchen has been doing a Healthy Homemade Series and I am TOTALLY into it. I love the idea of being able to make your own homemade staples (whether it be food based or for your skin or your house, etc). The first post was a skin cream and the latest is a chocolate facial mask. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Searchable Saturdays

June 8, 2013


1. CRAVING /// Have you seen this Roasted Apricot Buttermilk Ice Cream with Almond Streussel from Reclaiming Provincial?! Yup – dayummm! Summer fever has hit me hard and I have began a ridiculously large collection of ice cream and popsicle recipes..

2. CREATING /// The Vanilla Bean posted some wonderful pictures of making lilac sugar. I love using flowers in baking (makes your baked goods so so fancy!) or perfect way to add some extra fragrance in your afternoon tea.

3. INSPIRING /// I don’t usually save ‘inspirational’ quotes but this picture has stuck with me for some time. I often times get worked up over work and have problems letting it go – this picture reminds me that I often times get sucked into a situation and ‘go a little mad’; getting creative with doing something out of the normal helps reminds me I can remove myself from this funk. My way of removing myself is by hiking, baking, cooking, camping, and being out in nature.

4. DREAMING /// My dream is to eventually own my own bakery. Until I have the money and find a wonderful town lacking fresh breads and treats, I can only dream and prep. I’ve contemplating taking some bread baking and pastry classes to help expand my cooking knowledge.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m off to do some thrifting and pick up some fresh produce at the farmer’s market.


PS Have you checked out my new logo in the top corner? It’s totally different from all those ‘minimalist’ logos that are out in the food world right now and I love it. I asked Wyatt’s brother to draw me a picture of two vegetables having fun canoeing together and this is what he came up with. It’s a weird mix between a children’s book cover and DIY zine style – I love it!

Searchable Saturdays

May 25, 2013

…And we’re back! After almost a month long break from ‘Searchable Saturday’s'! Is everyone geared up for the long weekend? I’m already (hopefully) halfway to Wisconsin by the time you guys are reading this (Thank you, wordpress scheduler) and will be spending the weekend in the woods exploring. What are you doing for the long weekend?



1. CRAVING /// Rhubarb is everywhere right now! If you are looking for something a little more exotic than my Ginger Strawberry Rhubarb pie, how about this delicious looking Rhubarb Brown Butter Bourbon tart from The Bojon Gourmet? It has bourbon so you know it’s fancy!

2. LEARNING /// Also, I know I mentioned this link earlier this week but I still can’t get over my micro greens! They have a subtle but irresistible flavor profile to them and they are SO simple to grow. Check out this post from Livia Sweets on how to grow your own.

3. MUNCHING /// Memorial weekend is the ultimate cookout weekend. How about a glass of these Oh Joy!’s Smoothie Cubes to go with your grilled kebabs and potato salads? I think so!

4. EXPLORING /// I’m really hoping that I get my WANDERLUST out of my system this weekend because it’s been bad. The vet advised us against doing too much hiking and camping because ticks are bad this year but it’s all I want to do. ALL THE TIME.


Searchable Saturdays

April 6, 2013



1. LOVING /// Tomorrow marks the first outdoor Farmer’s Market of the year here in Bloomington. I am sure there won’t be much produce yet but lots of delicious local food, plants, and live music. The first market is what I always consider marks that Spring is officially here.

2. CREATING /// Baker Bettie is hosting her annual Cookie Wars. I was the winner last year (woooo!) with my Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies with Mascarpone Frosting and can’t wait to enter again! If you are looking for some inspiration, check out her post about previous cookie recipes here and don’t forget to enter by May 1st!

3. GROWING /// My seeds are sprouting! There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own food from seed. I decided to invest all of my money that usually goes towards our CSA into our garden. Pretty risky but that means we can not fail! Hope on over to Fox In The Pine’s blog to see her method for starting seeds!

4. EXPLORING /// We originally had a Southwestern road trip planned for the beginning of May. However, the time snuck up on us so we are pushing our big summer trip back to September. That means more time to plan (maybe even go somewhere new instead? Yellowstone? Montreal? San Fran?) and more small trips between. I’m thinking next 3 day weekend we are going to head to the Smoky Mountains.

Hope everyone has some wonderful weekend plans and gets outside to enjoy this spring weather.

Searchable Saturdays

March 30, 2013

The posts were a little sparse this week. Things got busy and I mostly relied on leftovers from a big pot of Black Bean Chili for my meals. Things should start to calm down this weekend and I will hopefully have more delicious recipes coming at you soon!

Although I lacked in cooking this week…I still managed to find time to decompress in front of the computer and find some inspiration for you. Here is what I’ve got…



1. WANDERLUST /// I know Spring officially started a few weeks ago but this weekend is going to be the first warm weekend for us here in the Midwest. Everything started blooming midway through the week and I spent the second half itchin’ to get outside. And guess what – today is the day. I’m packing up a picnic and we are heading on an adventure as soon as I finish this post.

2. CRAVING /// And speaking of spring – spring produce is right around the corner! We are talking asparagus, beans, strawberries, etc etc etc. I cannot wait to get out of this root vegetable rut and into some fresh inspiration!

3. CREATING /// I’m not very good at planning when it comes to holidays. I’ve skipped going home for the last three Easters and always start to feel a little homesick halfway through the holiday. This year I’m not going home (again) but I do think I will make Wyatt (and Tuko – as much as a dog can participate) join in some festivities. I’m thinking a brunch and egg dying.

4. LOVING /// I visited a Lush for the first time last week and am crushing hard. Everything from their all natural lipstick (lovin’ my pink ‘Believe’ color) to their cruelty-free conditioners.

Searchable Saturdays

March 23, 2013

Hello Weekend! The sun shining outside is tricking me into thinking it’s warmer than 20 degrees out. Oh spring – where are you??! Ah well. Here are some inspirational links from the week..




1. CRAVING /// I am starting to feel the spring cleaning urge coming on but refuse to do anything until it’s warm enough to open my windows and let the fresh air in. More than cleaning, I am looking forward to ‘freshening’ up the look of our house. I have thoughts of new wall artwork, more more more hanging plants, and new rugs.

2. INSPIRATION /// Most of my food inspiration came from looking at menus last week when we were traveling. It’s wonderful to see what crazy combinations restaurants have come up with. Since I’ve been back from Florida, I’ve been scoping the internet looking up menus from all over the world. This picture is of a place in Seattle called Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery. There menu is a mouthwatering list of boozy shakes, chocolate cakes, and seasonal items.

3. CREATING /// Even though it’s still super cold here, I am hoping to start planning my seeds indoors this weekend. In addition to my usual herb and vegetable seeds, I am planning to try growing ginger and potatoes from already grown produce. Why not? I’m still rather new to gardening so I plan to do lots of experimenting this time around.

4. LUSTING /// I’ve fallen head over heels for the blog My New Roots. Every recipe sounds so refreshing and delicious, I cannot wait to cook my way through her website!

Searchable Saturdays

March 9, 2013

I woke up to the strangest thing just a few minutes ago. My boyfriend was not still sleeping next to me. I went into the living room and he wasn’t putting around on his guitar. I went into our studio and he wasn’t recording anything. I decided he must have left to go get deep fried donuts at the donut shack a block away. What a meanie – didn’t even invite me. And then I walked into the kitchen to make some coffee and saw him standing over the stove – stirring gravy. I was so surprised and startled that I think my feet actually left the ground when I reacted. Wyatt…cooking…without me asking [begging]. What in the world is going on? Maybe Tuko chewed up my new shoes? Or maybe he crashed my car on the way to the donut shop. Something has to be up. But until the truth comes out, I’m going to savor the fact that I’m about to get homemade biscuits and gravy served to me in bed.



1. CRAVING /// Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream! We leave for our vacation tomorrow (!!!) and I think I’m more excited about munching on some cold ice cream in the hot sun than swimming or seeing the ocean. And speaking of ice cream, I cannot wait to make this vegan mango coconut version when it get’s warmer around here.

2. LUSTING /// We have sooo many house plants already but I cannot help but wanting to collect more. We’ve got them crammed close to every window in the house but I’m already planning to reorganize and make more space

3. ADVENTURING /// Can you tell I have our trip on the mind? CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE OCEAN IN 2 DAYS

4. CREATING /// So I may have done this to my hair yesterday. Go big or go home, right?


Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead of them! I’m off to sip on coffee and have breakfast brought to me in bed.

Searchable Saturday

March 2, 2013



1. Puppies on the mind. We are still on the hunt for an adorable french bulldog to be Tuko’s new playmate. We’ve been going to the animal shelter to look for lovable options but I’ve found it much harder [emotionally] to go there than before we had a dog. Perhaps now that we have the sort of connection with our own pup, it’s hard to see all those dogs not experiencing that loving connection and knowing that some of them never will. It’s just really sad. But it does make me feel good knowing that we could be helping one of those dogs one day soon.

2. There is this underground (literally- it’s in a cellar) hipster bar we go to sometimes (hipster? Don’t believe me – they have a drink called ‘The Pitchfork’). We were there on Thursday night for a friend’s show and I noticed a bunch of jars full of colorful concoctions in the fridge behind the bar. I asked the bartender about one of them and he said ‘Oh. That has ginger, orange, and gin in it. But it won’t be ready until the weekend.’ After that, I couldn’t help but start obsessing over the idea. How does the process work? What were they making? How long does it have to sit? Was it a fruit liqueur? An infused gin? I won’t know unless I go back this weekend (which…it sounds like I have to) but it started getting me thinking about fun infusions. I can feel a weekend project coming on…

3. DEEP DISH PIZZA! What more do I need to say? Growing up, I would spend the weekends taking the train into downtown Chicago with friends. We would go to concerts and eat obscene amounts of deep dish pizza. I find myself craving it from time to time but we don’t really have any deep dish pizza places down here. Best next thing? Guess I’m just going to have to start making my own!

4. So the haircut that has long been tempting me finally came last week. You think I would have got it out of my system but now I’m just obsessing with new hair ideas more than ever. I fear that once the newness of this haircut wares off, I will be left feeling like I have a super boring-plain trim. Quick! I better do something drastic – time to dye it! Should I go bright red using Lush’s organic henna dye or Aveda’s blue-black dye?! Should I do blonde dips or dye a chunk of my bangs blonde? Or do an all over honey blonde color?! So many options!


Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead of them! My weekend plans got put on hold because my car is in the shop. This means the next two days will probably consist of a lot of laying around the house (unless I feel like walking…in the snow…and cold). Sometimes it’s good to be stuck in one place – that is when the creativity has to set in. Right? Maybe? I don’t know.

Searchable Saturdays

February 23, 2013



1. ADVENTURING /// I’ve had a bit of the winter blues this week so Wyatt demanded that we take a lunch break at the greenhouse on Thursday. I was totally against the idea because it felt more stressful to find parking, pick up a sandwich, walk to the place, AND get back to work in an hour than it was worth. But that all changed when we got there. We ate our sandwiches in the ‘tropical’ section (we are talking 85 and humid – heaven!) and I forgot all about my annoyances from work (or the fact that I had to be back in a timely fashion). Sometimes I forget how happy greenery makes me and breathing in the fresh, humid air was the biggest stress- reliever I felt all winter.

2. WANDERING /// We are headed to Florida in a little over 2 weeks and I cannot think about anything else. Biking to the beach. Grilling out for every meal. Swimming. Sun bathing. Swimming holes. Smelling the ocean. Swimming. Exploring the marshes. Digging through vintage stores. Roadside diners. GAH – SO EXCITED!

3. CREATING /// This is it. This is going to be the weekend that I finally try to make macaroons. It’s such an intimidating dessert but that is still not an excuse to keep putting it off. To be honest, I’ve never even ATE one before…let alone made them. This is an experience that needs to happen.

4. LUSTING /// Been OBSESSED with the idea of chopping all my hair off and dying it black or red. We are talking 90′s bob here. I have mega long brown hair (picture in the top left) and just want to do a drastic change. Must have stood in front of my mirror at least 4 times this week with the intention of chopping it all off but backed out each time. I don’t mean to sound shallow but cutting your hair is scary. True Story.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you. I’m off to do some major thrifting / check out the new LUSH cosmetics store that opened this week. Hopefully my love for consumerism will boost my bitterness towards this snow / slush weather.

Searchable Saturdays

February 9, 2013

Hellooooooo, Weekend! What to do with you? I’m planning to turn our heat and humidifier way up to pretend like I’m in Florida. Or maybe I’ll embrace the cold and build a fort / drink gallons of hot cocoa? Hmmm, choices choices!

Anyhow, here are some inspirations from the week…




1. Vacationing has been on the mind. I’ve already started planning all of our summer camping trips. I’m thinking 3 day weekend to the Smoky Mountains and a 9 Day trip out West (Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Colorado Monument, Santa Fe, etc). And then, as always, our yearly weekend trip to Turkey Run.

2. Another trip I’ve been planning is Florida…and, by planning, I mostly just mean clothes / accessory shopping. I want a high-waisted swim suit SO bad but am worried about weird tan lines? Oh no…functionality or fashionable? Sounds like I’ve got some real life problems here.

3. Salted Honey Almond Butter. Do I need to say more? A lovely commenter suggested making your own almond butter for my No Bake Salted Dark Chocolate Almond Bites and I could not agree more!

4. You have no idea how much I really really really want new glasses and I really really really want these! Yes, please.


Okay, a whole lot of lusting over places, items, and wants this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m off to try to calm this consumerism craving with some homemade cleaning supply making.


My Mikal Cronin crush is becoming a problem:

Searchable Saturdays

January 19, 2013

Mixing up the format again for Searchable Saturdays…because I can. Let me know what you think. Cool? Cool.




1. I’m constantly looking for inspiration in new forms and ordered this quarterly publication this week. I LOVE low-fi photography and cannot wait to get this in the mail! Ordered their summer issue but the winter one is on sale right now for 11 bucks. Go check it out!

2. I’ve had the worst spring fever this week and it has sparked a lusting for high-waisted shorts and round sunglasses. Check out my spring style board on pinterest for a look into all the fashion lusting I’ve been doing.

3. This picture may have made me drool a little bit. Lettuce, Avocado, Cucumber, and Peanut Sauce?! Yes, please!

4. With spring fever comes a small feeling of stir-crazy. I am SO ready to road trip and go swimming and go canoeing and sleep under the star. Gah!

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am off to drag Wyatt on a hiking and winter picnic excursion because 50 degrees is warm enough for my stir-crazy to demand an adventure.

Searchable Saturday

December 15, 2012


A few inspirations from the week…


1. Have you ever wondered how much gingerbread it would take to build a life size gingerbread house? Yeah, me neither. But it’s still kind of fun to read about.

2. Pickled cherries? Talk about a snazzy way to jazz up those Shirley Temples and Tequila Sunrises!

3. Simplest homemade body butter ever. I’d add a little lavender oil for a nice aroma!

4. Young and wanting to start a business? NPR used Bloomington kids as examples in this article…I must have that Bloomington syndrome. The last statistic in the article makes me soooo sad though…

5. Eggnog AND cheesecake?!?! Yes, plz!

6. Awesome tutorial on how to make a super unique mood boards


And now I’m off to pick up our CSA, make some rum balls, and get ready for my Christmas work party tonight. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Searchable Saturdays

December 8, 2012

Oh man, I have not been this excited for a free weekend in a long time. This week was super exhausting and I can not wait to spend today getting my life back in order and (of course) cooking up some delicious things in the kitchen.

Here are a few links I found inspiring this week…


1. Making some holiday treats for friends? Here are some adorable gift tags to jazz them up!

2. I’ve been intrigued by making cocktails lately and am working on making some bar staples. Has anyone had any experience with making homemade bitters? I am thinking about trying out these Fig Orange bitters? What about homemade Maraschino Cherries.

3. I stumbled upon this super comprehensive guide to doing your own screen printing. New winter project? Why not?!

4. VV was on TheKitchn again (YAY!) this week. The link is here (along with several other tasty recipes!) if you want to check it out.

5. Love the style of this recipe card on how to make Midnight Milk Punch!

6. Scared you might eat all that Trader Joe’s cookie butter with a spoon the night you get it? Turn it into cookies and share with all your friends!

7. Drank all the alcohol in your house during that little get together you had last Friday? Here is a great article on substituting when recipes call for alcohol!


Well, I’m off to start my day. Going to take this cold/wet weather as a sign to be productive. Christmas shopping time? I think so! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Searchable Saturdays

December 1, 2012

Okay, let’s try something different. So I’m a visual person and there is a good chance that you are too. I resisted using photos in my Searchable Saturday’s posts for a long time because 1. I feel uneasy about using other people’s work and like to try to keep it strictly original around VV and 2. I am very particular about all the photos being uniform and the same size, shape, etc.

But you know what? Screw it. There are some REALLY gorgeous photos from the links this week and I’m going to show them off.

1. Already prepping for the Holidays? Me too! Click here are some beautiful (and free!) printable gift tags for all your holiday gifts!



2. I call myself a baker but have never made a pie with a lattice top. Shameful? Probably. Perhaps this tutorial is just what I need to push my baking boundaries….



3. This week I have been enormously inspired by Cannelle et Vanille’s food photography. As I continue the journey to find my aesthetic and grow my photography, I’ve noticed (thanks to Pinterest) that I am drawn to “busy” food photography overloaded with colors, shapes, and textures.

4. I’ve been craving some DIY projects in my life. Adding making this geometric garland to my weekend goals!

5. Don’t know the difference between bread and pastry flour? Check out this great quick flour reference for all your flour needs!

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’m off to pick up my winter CSA box…

Searchable Saturdays

November 17, 2012


Good Morning! Do you have big weekend plans? We are hosting a Friendsgiving this evening so I am planning to spend the rest of the day cooking, baking, photography, and cleaning [when did I become so domesticated?]. Anyhow, here are a few links I found to get my creativity going this week:

1. I have been developing a mood board to better try to understand what VV’s photography aesthetic should be. I found this beautiful food photography blog while doing some research for the board this week. So gorgeous!

2. Make your own flavored coffee? I’m in.

3. Vegetarians live, on average, 8 years longer than meat eaters? I’ll take that!

4. Freckled Mag is my new favorite online magazine. The photography is stunning and the art is beautiful. Very inspiring!

5. An informative (and not overwhelming!) intro to Illustrator. Love it!

6. Finally! I super easy widget for instragram that updates the feed as you post.

7. VV was on TheKitchn this week! How cool is that?!

8. This Dulce Delight video!! Everything from the bright colors to the beautiful typography to that accent! So good!


For more inspirational links, check out VV on Pinterest!


Searchable Saturdays

November 3, 2012

Heyyya! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned! After this post, I am planning on taking a walk down to the Farmer’s Market to pick up my first winter CSA share (!!!) and then spend the afternoon cooking! There is also a new dog park in town so we’ll probably be taking Tuko to socialize this afternoon followed by seeing Wyatt’s band play a show tonight. What are your plans this weekend?

In addition to all the pinterest finds from this week (is anyone else ridiculously obsessed with this website? It’s managed to pull at my desire for organizing all the creative links I’ve ever come across. Seriously dangerous), here are a few inspiring links:
1. Okay, I’m a dog lover so this kind of pulls at me extra hard but have you met Maddie? Oh my goodness…this website is amazing. Beautiful photography + awkward dog pictures = my new favorite thing.

2. Smitten Kitchen was one of the first food blogs that I started to read on a regular basis so you can only imagine my excitement when I found out she was coming out with a cookbook. And at long last, the cookbook is out and there is a bunch of wonderful publicity around it like this wonderful article with pictures from her tiny tiny tiny NY kitchen!

3. Design Sponge did a wonderful round-up of international recipes that are oh so inspiring. I love cooking international grub as a way to get out of my comfort zone in the kitchen.

4. We’ve all seen them…those beautiful winter wonderland pictures with the twinkling lights in the background which sets the mood just right. But just because you’ve seen it, does it mean you know how to recreate that twinkling with your own photography?

5. I’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful cake stand but it’s been a way bigger commitment that I had expected! Cake stands are almost as expensive as mixers, blenders, and other kitchen gadgets. I’ve been lusting over this one but am not sure if I’m ready to make 100+ commitment on a glorified plate…

Anyhow, off to the market! Have a wonderful weekend!


Searchable Saturdays

October 20, 2012

1. Using balsamic vinegar AND peppercorn in a cocktail? I’m intrigued.

2. David Lynch has been in my life a lot lately. We recently started rewatching Twin Peaks (it’s one of my favvvs) with some friends and have been selling through his limited edition Eraserhead LPs like hotcakes at work. This means it was no surprise that I was highly amused by this recent interview with him about his food habits and this video of him making quinoa (which is just sooo….David Lynch).
3. I love love love this DIY on how to make an old backpack into a cute vintage-esque flower purse!

4.  So in love of the concept of the Makeshift Society. I wish that we lived in a big enough city to make our own clubhouse…Midwest edition!

5. With the days getting shorter, I’ve been thinking a lot about lighting in our home and am starting to contemplate replacing some of the light fixtures that came with our renter home. Maybe Ombre lighting?

6. It’s Saturday? I could use a Spicy Bloody Mary. Right. Now.

7. We made these pumpkin donuts this week for a movie night and they were fantastic!


Mmmmkaa! And now I am off to find myself a Bloody Mary…

Have a wonderful weekend!



Searchable Saturdays

October 13, 2012

We made it! It’s the weekend! I don’t know what it is like by you but it’s GORGEOUS today in Bloomington, Indiana. I am going to keep this short because we are getting ready to head out for a day hike///picnic (could be one of the last ones this year!).
Here are a few inspirations from the week:

1. A fantastic tutorial on adding borders to scenery pictures which triggered me playing around with the picture above.

2. I eat A TON of salads and have been trying to make my own salad dressing as much as possible. Here is a great article on understanding what make’s a great vinaigrette!

3. Along the lines of salad…do you know how to properly use your refrigerator for produce? I didn’t before reading this.
4. Not going to lie…our house is [very] old and now that it is too cold to have the windows open, it gets musky REAL quick. DIY all-natural air freshener? I think so!

5. More wonderful photography tips that every blogger should know!

6. We made this amazing butternut squash pasta with friends earlier this week. I am already craving more!

7. Apple Butter mustard? Yes, please!

Searchable Saturdays

October 6, 2012


Tuko//Teekee//Taco and I waiting outside while Wyatt picked out a movie earlier this week. (ps- follow me on instagram: shellywest)

And here are a few things that inspired VV from around the web this week:

1. Made these tofu tacos for dinner the other night and they were FANTASTIC! The tofu was so flavorful and the avocado cream was smooth and filling!

2. This cute DIY on how to color dip your utensils is so adorable and simple! New weekend project? I think so!

3. This weekend we are sitting a cat who has more more instagram followers than Wyatt and I combined (x2). Totally weird.

4. Katrina did a store profile on a The General Store in San Fransisco and I want EVERYTHING in it. I LOVE the simplicity of the geometric wood blocks. How cool is that? And the abstract fruit and veggie posters? Yes, please!

5. One of my favorite recipe books ‘Homemade’ now has a sequel called ‘Homemade Winter’ which I CANNOT wait to get my hands on. I made these Gingerbread Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting from it last year and they were absolutely irresistible!

6. Not that I’ve started my Christmas list already but… I kind of have. I am dying to get my hands on this new iphone case and this jacket. Ah yeah, I’ve got the fall clothing bug.

7. And lastly, why is everything Joy the Baker makes so freaking irresistible? I’m not even that big of a donut fan…


Searchable Saturdays

September 29, 2012

Insta-portrait with Tuko. Yes, that is right, I am the most annoying dog owner ever and always want to take pictures with Taco/Teekee when he is sound asleep (I can’t help it! That is when he is the cutest!)


And here are a few inspirations that I came across this week….

1. As anyone who has read my blog this summer knows, I have been crazy about coming up with cocktail concoctions so this little tutorial was incredibly informative! And… beautiful photos never hurt!

2. I’ve never made a cheese plate before but these pictures are sure as hell making me want to….

3. Tomorrow is a national free museum day which reminded me that I really would like to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the St. Louis City Museum before it gets too cold. AND, my friend just informed me of an awesome Mid-Century Museum nearby that we must check out. Museums on my fall to-do list? I think so.

4. I don’t really talk much about music on VV which is weird…since my day job does consist of working for 25 independent indie-rock labels…anyhow, this is a video from Moon Duo that is too awesome not to share.

5. I’m obsessed with trying to improve my photography skills and here are a few tutorials that I was super into this week: The Language of Photography and Get That Blurry Background

6. Oh! We hosted our first ‘Horror Thursdays’ move night this week and I made Joy The Baker’s giant skillet cookie for it. It. was. so. delicious!


Okay, well it’s too nice out to be on my computer right now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys a lovely lunch picnic today!

Searchable Saturdays

September 22, 2012

A picture of Tuko & Lake Monroe from our dinner picnic. We went on a hike/picnic Wednesday night which was the perfect cure for the mid-week blues.

Morning, Morning, Morning! Here are a few inspiring things I stumbled upon while enjoying my morning cup of chai:
1. My two favorite things have finally come together in a beautiful monthly package (and receiving surprises in the mail is up there as a favorite as well): music (more specifically- music on vinyl) and cooking. This adorably clever project sends you a monthly package filled with an exclusive 7″, recipe cards, and spices to accompany your dinner. How awesome is that?! Now if only I had come up with this idea…

2. I’m preparing for a blog facelift which means many hours spent looking at logos, fonts, and color schemes. Upon my ‘research’, I came across this font. SO cool!

3. I have such a weakness for cute typography and colorful visuals. Look at these adorable DIY birthday cards! Best part? You can print them out and give them to all those Fall birthdays you know!

4. Bon Appetit recently released an article on the science behind food pairing. Find it weird that there are some foods which seem to be absolutely irresistible together? There is probably a scientific explanation behind that!

5. Sprouting from a slight fantasy of wishing I had grown up as part of the Portland vegan food scene in the 90s, I have such a weakness for zines and hand drawn food photos. Not only does this Tea is Magical photo portray exactly how amazing tea is, it also looks like it could have been pulled from a 90′s art magazine.

6. I know I already mentioned the newest edition of Chickpea Magazine earlier this week but take a look at these photos to get an idea of the types of recipes in the newest edition!

7. With the weather changing, I am already starting to stock up on fun things to do inside to keep me busy during the looooooong, cold months ahead. Hop on over to DesignSponge to check out this amazing looking DIY foot soak made out of honey that will be perfect after a long day in the chilly Midwest.

8. The reasons I love fall are absolutely endless but one that I must point out is that it’s boot season. I am so. in. love. with. boots. My co-worker commented the other day that I’ve worn a different pair of boots every day this week. Guilty. I can’t help it! I need a pair in every color, ankle and over the knee, with laces and slip ons. Speaking of boots, I may already have a dozen pairs but I think these would be a perfect addition to my collection.

Okay, enough lusting over the internet for one day. I am off to pour myself another cup of coffee and get working on some pumpkin cinnamon rolls!

View from my bike. Peddling to friend’s house to make dinner together.

Searchable Saturdays

September 15, 2012
photo from our camping trip last weekend at Lake Michigan


And here are a few of my favorite web links from this week…

1. I have been doing the yoga journal fitness challenge and it has been a great motivator! It’s pushed me to wake up early every morning and do one of their work out videos (which gets sent right to your email!).

2. My friend, Kristin, and I have been doing weekly craft nights which as been a nice way to push each other to actually do all the DIYs we swoon over. This week, we tackled how to make billy buds…so simple and they look awesome in my vintage vase!

3. Brown Butter Espresso Chip Muffins…what more do I need to say?

4. Harvard is doing a series on famous chefs and the science behind food. I bring this up because they post videos online for you to watch the lectures! How cool is that?

5. A great tutorial on how to properly frost a scallop cake!

6. I am a total photoshop nut and love using actions as shortcuts. Have you seen the 70s action that pioneer woman has up for free download? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

7. Been doing research on vegan cooking shows lately and came across this adorable show called Save the Kales! Highly recommend

Well, hope everyone enjoys their weekend and is whipping up some delicious fresh tomato dishes before the season is over!

Searchable Saturdays

September 8, 2012


Picture of Tuko from our hiking adventure on Tuesday.


And…. here are a few favorite things that I stumbled upon this week:

1. Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to shop as Target as I am for the new Curiosity Shoppe line coming to stores August 9th.

2. Cat sweaters. Need I say more?

3. I made this Baked Orzo with Eggplant and Mozzarella from Smitten Kitchen on Thursday. It may have been one of the best summer recipes to date. So delicious.

4. New knitting project that I should start on now so I can rock this scarf come December!

5. It’s 90 degrees here today but all this talk about Fall has got me itching for fall fashion!

6. MMMMMMMM! Cannot wait to try making this Sweet Corn and Jalapeno Hummus!

7. New Sweet Paul Fall edition is out! So inspiring!

8. DIY polaroid coasters? I’m in!


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’m off to spend the day hiking!


Searchable Saturdays

August 18, 2012

Farro Salad with Roasted Veggies (recipe coming soon!)

Heyyya Heyyya Heyya! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Here are a few things that inspired VV this week:

1. Funkytime magazine came out with their online summer edition! So inspiring! I want to make the sharpie lamp shade.

2. I have so so so so so so so much eggplant in my house right now. We got bucket loads in our CSA box this week so be prepared for lots of eggplant recipes and let me know if you have one you think I’d like. I am thinking these BBQ Eggplant tacos with Peach-Lime Salsa are a must.

3. VV turning 1! I know that is totally lame that I am doing a shout out to myself but it’s super inspiring to know that I’ve made it a year and am going stronger than ever!

4. Wyatt bought me a donut pan for an early birthday gift. Where to even begin? Maybe here or here??

5. Fastest friendship bracelets ever? Might have to make some of these at the lake this weekend!

6. I’ve been saving up all my veggie scraps all summer (if only you could see the mess that is my freezer!) to make vegetable stock out of them come fall. Here is a great list of veggies to save and ones to avoid.

7. I live in an old musky house so if we leave the windows closed for too long it kind of gets a stale smell. Very excited to try this scent when we are lying around the house this fall (maybe add some cinnamon to make it more fallish)!

8. Speaking of fall….I’m glad to find out that I don’t have to ditch sangria come September because of delicious apple and cinnamon recipes like this.

9. And finally…before I wish summer away completely, I need to make these cherry chocolate floats!


Oh and PS- here is an adorable instagram (find me- shellywest) picture of Tuko’s dog family.