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  • Adventure Moody Monday

    Moody Monday: Puppy Party

      Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It finally cooled off around here this weekend which meant that my tomatoes are finally almost done ripening! Yay! In other news- this is going…

    August 13, 2012
  • Appetizer Moody Monday

    Moody Monday: Dog Park Picnic

    Why hello Monday, is that you…AGAIN? Okay, well I least I just had a beautiful weekend to hold me over. This weekend was filled with picnics, the farmer’s market, and live music so I…

    April 16, 2012
  • sandwich Side Snack Vegan

    Carrot Slaw

    So I got some adorable carrots at Bloomingfoods this morning. I realize that seems weird for a type of food to be “adorable” but I think it’s possible. If it’s in miniature form…or colorful.…

    April 14, 2012