Restaurant Review For Naughty Dog

Today we have a restaurant review for Naughty Dog to share! I just moved into a new house (with four other college girls- wish me luck!) and the last tenants left it in a bit of a disaster state. Because of this, my  kitchen has been under major cleaning construction for the past three days and has left me with no appropriate place to bake. This has also led to lots of eating out and gave me the idea to try out doing the whole review thing.

A couple disclaimers: I should start off by saying that I hardly ever don’t like food so this whole concept could end up rather flat in the long run but we’ll try it out. Also, I’m a college student in Bloomington Indiana so we have to realize most of this will be aimed at cheap Midwestern eateries [although you would be shocked at how much international cuisine we have in this tiny Midwestern sphere).



Restaurant Review: Naughty Dog


Naughty Dog

There are some comfort foods that are just too tempting not to miss after becoming a vegetarian and this place really manages to fill that void. They have such a variety that it’s impossible not to find something that fits your fancy. And although this is straight up fast food, its such a creative (yet simple) concept and local favorite that you can’t help but splurge on some grease at this place from time to time.

Naughty dog has a long list of traditional style hot dogs (Coney dog, Chicago style, New York dog) to a variety of new creations (this month’s speical was smothered with cream cheese and jalapenos). With this kind of variety (they also have 5 different types of ways to cook the dog, 6 different types of dogs, and 4 bun selections) this is the perfect place to take your cheap[ass] meat-loving friend so that you both are pleased.

For around five dollars I got the chili cheese with a veggie dog on a whole wheat bun and a mound of salty fries. Although this was really good, the Chicago style veggie dog I had last time blew it out of the water.

Okay, so since this is a review or what not I probably have to say someting negative about it too. Well, other than obvious things (like this isn’t the place to take your new woman on a first date) the location of this place is a bit obnoxious. This place is cheap and fits perfectly in a college town but they put it in a strip mall along with all the other chain stores (like Big Lots and Kohls) when they should have placed it along side the other local shops and restaurants where people who appreciate supporting local adventure to. This place must take 15 minutes of sitting in traffic to get to from the center of downtown [which is alittle much when it takes 30 seconds to cook your meal]. Plus, (not to sound like a close minded college kid) but this would be great munch food after a night at the bars, so they could grab a whole new market with a location in walking distance.

Their location has nothing to do with their food though so when it comes down to it this place is amazing and next time you are craving something greasy but different, spend 5 dollars on this meal.


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