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Chickpea Spring Issue


Let’s talk magazine. I love blogs. They are wonderful – accessible, easy to update, and inspiring. But, in my opinion, they will never compare to having a print version of something. Maybe I’m a collector (I do have an obscene amount of vinyl records when we all know I could just use Itunes). But there is just something about smelling the fresh pages, running my fingers across the inspiring images, and clipping out favorite articles that can not be replicated with blogs.

My favorite part about blogs is that anyone can be a blogger. I am a blogger. I have no job that labels me as a ‘writer’ or no diploma that says anything about ‘design’ on it. You don’t need those labels to blog. And I love that. It’s probably my favorite part about reading blogs. Bloggers are people who are passionate about what they are writing because they aren’t in it (for the most part) to get a check at the end of the day.

I used to be a zine nut before blogging because it was our way of putting our info out there. You could make a cooking zine without a publishing deal.¬†Many magazines have turned into that as well. I mean, you still have Rolling Stone and Bust and Cosmo but you also have the ability to make your own magazines with programs like Issuu and Dreamweaver. We now have magazines like Kinfolk and Pure Green Magazine and Chickpea Magazine. These are products of creative people putting themselves out there by making their own magazines. And they are beautiful. And so much more inspiring than any Cosmo I’ve ever read.

This rant is a product of my excitement from the Spring Issue of Chickpea Magazine which went on pre-order last week. It’s filled with beautiful photography, inspiring vegan recipes, and spring adventures. I highly suggest you check out the free version here or think about per-ordering a physical copy for yourself here.



Lastly, I wanted to give you a little preview of what you can expect from my article in the issue. My article is on homemade house cleaners. In it I talk house plants, DIY recipes, and the drawbacks of pre-packaged house cleaners. This article was so fun to write about because it was one big science project. A constant affair of trying out different ingredients and recipes to see what really got the grime off of that damn kitchen sink. The end results were rewarding and I am so happy to share with everyone some favorite homemade cleaners that I use every week.

The one I am sharing today is shockingly easy and cheap. It’s my citrus tub scrub. A piece of citrus fruit and coarse salt. That’s it. How easy is that? It will make your bathroom smell like you’ve been growing a citrus plant in there for years while the acidity from the fruit will scrub away the grime. The coarse salt is used as an exfoliater to get the hard to scrub spots.


Bathroom Tub Scrub

  • 1 pieces of citrus fruit (the bigger, the more surface area you can cover quicker)
  • Coarse Salt

Cut the fruit in half. Pour a little coarse salt onto the inside of the fruit and gently squeeze out the juice as you scrub the bathroom tub. Apply more salt as needed. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with water.

Feel free to use leftover fruit to scrub the outside of the toilet, the bathroom sink, or even the floors.


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