Persimmon Pudding

Persimmon pudding + vanilla bean ice cream = !!!

Last Sunday I attempted to go apple picking at a nearby orchard with Wyatt and a few friends. Although all the apples had already fallen from the tree, we had an enjoyable time checking out the tiny orchard shop filled with homemade dips, vintage candies, fresh produce, and more. As we were exploring, I came across a random cooler in the back corner labeled ‘persimmon pulp’. I had never heard of a persimmon before and was rather embarrassed when I sloppily tried to pronounce it only to be corrected by a nearby friend. He continued to tell me that his parents have a persimmon tree, they made pudding out the fallen fruit every year, and he had even made a short video about the process.

So… as a learning experience to myself (and perhaps you!), I purchased a container of the pulp and stick it in my fridge for later use.

And thus, later came this morning when I thawed the pulp and whipped up my first ever batch of pudding! If those pumpkin cinnamon rolls and apple crisp tasted like Fall then this taste like Thanksgiving [am I allowed to use events as describing words for flavors? well, I just did]. It’s loaded full of nutmeg and cloves and has a similar texture to pumpkin pie filling. Oh man, it’s so yummy!

I followed this video by my friend David Woodruff to make my own amazing persimmon pudding and I suggest you should too:

[vimeo w=500&h=281]



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