25 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Start The Year Right

25 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Start The Year Right

Do you have your New Years resolutions all figured out? I bet somewhere between the third piece of pie at Thanksgiving and the drive-thru dinner on your way to visit family over the holidays, you told yourself ‘I’ll eat better next year’; I know I sure did! To be completely honest, I’m pretty excited to get back on track with my body and cleanse out that sugar rush. I’m excited because I know eating healthy doesn’t mean having to compromise flavor or texture. I’m excited because I know I can get my mind and body feeling at their best while still enjoying everything I put into my mouth. Here are 25 vegetarian recipes to help you get back on track without comprising.

25 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Start The Year Right

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Savory Cheddar & Cornmeal Waffles: Skip the sweet breakfast to avoid a mid-morning sugar crash and try these savory waffles instead. These cheesy waffles are topped with a fresh green tomato salsa but you can used your favorite jar salsa if you are in a hurry.

Whole Wheat Double Chocolate Chip Muffins: These muffins are packed with avocados, yogurt, and whole wheat flour for a healthier twist on indulgent chocolate chip muffins.

Baked Potato Waffles with Coconut Bacon: The secret to making any savory dish more delicious is to add coconut bacon. I know that may sound weird but I promise you that the savory bits of umami can cause any dish to become addicting! I prefer them sprinkled over these baked potato waffles but they are also delicious as a finishing touch to pizza, sandwiches, and eggs.

Chia Seed Pudding: Chia seed’s popularity has exploded over the last few years and for good reason: these little seeds are packed with fiber, antioxidants, and an array of other nutritional benefits. Eating this pudding for breakfast is a sure way to get your day started off right!

Loaded Vegetable Quiche: A quiche is not only a great way to get a helping of protein in but also a terrific way to use up leftover veggies in the fridge. This version is loaded with spring staples but you can use whatever vegetables you have on hand.

25 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Start The Year Right


Smoky Tortilla Soup: This soup is not only loaded with vegetables but also protein from pinto beans and gets its flavor from smoky chilis in adobe sauce. There is nothing better on a chilly day than a fancy version of tomato soup!

Ribollita (Tuscan Vegetable Stew): Enjoy this soup for lunch as its chocked full of vegetables but light enough to keep you from needing an afternoon snooze.

Green Minestrone with Kale Pesto: Greens on greens on greens! This healthy minestrone is packed with an array of green vegetables to bring a whole new delicious meaning to the term ‘eat your greens’.

Roasted Carrot & Cauliflower Soup: Creamy coconut milk and smoky paprika give this soup an extra flavor punch that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Pumpkin Wild Rice Soup: This savory soup is complimented with cooked wild rice for a comforting soup ideal for chilly evenings.



Fig & Pear Salad With Vanilla Bean Vinaigrette: This not-too-sweet salad gets flavors from the vanilla bean vinaigrette and fresh fruit; make sure you enjoy this salad during fig season to guarantee vibrant fruit or you may be disappointed since figs are so delicate.

Raw Thai Citrus Crunch Salad: I have yet to ever meet someone who doesn’t love Pad Thai so why not try this healthier version made with cabbage and citrus? It won’t disappoint.

Morocco Sweet Potato Sunshine Salad: So many flavors come together to pack a punch in this Morocco Sweet Potato salad.

Spinach & Radicchio Salad with Broiled Citrus Vinaigrette: Perfect for the winter months since citrus is in season; this salad has a unique flavor from broiling the citrus before turning it into a dressing.

Roasted Carrot Lentil Salad: Lentils are a filling alternative to meat that will leave you both satisfied and full for hours. I’d recommend making extra lentils and using the leftovers for soup or topping them with a fried egg for breakfast.

25 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Start The Year Right


Yellow Curry With Tofu & Ramen: I can’t think of much that is more comforting than curry or Ramen so mixing the two together for a dark and frigid evening dinner sounds like the perfect pick-me-up.

Ratatouille Stuffed Peppers: These peppers are stuffed to the rim with healthy vegetables and filling grains. I’d recommend swapping in breadcrumbs for the vegan Parmesan if you aren’t concerned about keeping it vegan since the breadcrumbs will give these an extra salty crunch.

Mini Goat Cheese & Leek Galettes: A buttery crust may sound indulgent but it’s the perfect compromise when stuffing the inside with a bounty of healthy vegetables; this version uses leeks but you can also roast winter vegetables to keep the galette in season.

Avocado Pesto Salad Sandwiches: A quick and simple veggie packed sandwich perfect for whipping up on your lunch break.

Phyllo Veggie Pockets: Roasted vegetables are stuffed and rolled into flaky phyllo dough for a filling meal that even a meat-eater will love!

Black Lentil, Sweet Potato, & Kale Chili: Chili as you know it gets a modern makeover with new star flavor players in the form of protein-packed lentils, sweet potatoes, and kale.

Chipotle Tahini Harvest Bowl: This spicy harvest bowl gets all of its flavor from the tahini dressing. The veggie combinations you’ll find in this bowl are delicious but the best part about a bowl is how versatile it is; this means you should feel free to experiment with whatever veggies you have on hand.

Butternut Squash Farinata: This farinata may look like a quiche but it’s actually made out of chickpea flour which makes it a delicious protein packed vegan option.

Roasted Poblano & Corn Pizzas: Some days nothing will do but pizza so you might as well make that pizza as fresh as possible by making your own! I love these poblano and corn pizzas but you can obviously top them with whatever you prefer.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chickpeas, Goat Cheese, & Coriander: Sweet potatoes are the base in this healthy version of baked potatoes with a chickpea and goat cheese filling.

I hope this round of 25 Healthy Vegetarian Recipes To Start The Year Right will help you with your healthy habits for 2016!



  • Aslı
    January 3, 2016

    I was really in need of some new exciting recipes. These look really great. I especially can’t wait for the roasted sweet potatoes. Thanks!

    Girl Against Oleka

    • Shellywest
      January 5, 2016

      Yes! And it’s sweet potato season so it’s such a perfect meal!

  • frolicchocolate
    January 3, 2016

    Ah this roundup is awesome! Thank you for including me <3 — I'm going to link this out to the healthy eating group I'm working with this month! xo

    • Shellywest
      January 5, 2016

      Thanks for spreading the love, Renee!

  • Ksenia @ At the Immigrant's Table
    January 5, 2016

    What a great roundup! Everything we need to get started on a trek towards a year of wellness. Thank you!

    • Shellywest
      Ksenia @ At the Immigrant’s Table
      January 5, 2016

      Exactly! We might not stay on track all year but it’s worth trying, right??

  • Jessie Snyder | Faring Well
    January 6, 2016

    Such a great collection here Shelly! Making me hungry and wondering why we ever deter from all this yummy food 😉

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