Recipe Round-Up: 5 Ingredient Vegetarian Recipes

5 Ingredient Vegetarian Recipes

Today I am sharing an array of 5 Ingredient Vegetarian Recipes! As part of my desire to make VV a wonderful resource for anyone looking to incorporate less meat into their diets, I have another installment of my recipe round-up for you (see past ones on Indian Summer dishes and xxxx here). We all have days were we just don’t have time to make it to the store or want to use what you have on hand. Because of this, I’ve rounded up a handful of simple and five ingredient or less recipes. I’ll admit that I didn’t count salt, pepper, or olive oil as ingredients but I’d assume we all have those on hand, right? Here are 25 of my favorite 5 ingredient (or less!) vegetarian recipes from around the web:

5 Ingredient Vegetarian Recipes

Breakfast & Starters:

  • Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl – Always looking for ways to mix up my usual morning smoothie and throwing kiwi into the mix is definitely the answer!
  • Mascarpone Breakfast Bowl – Throwing mascarpone cheese and fresh vanilla bean seeds into your morning breakfast will take that boring old granola to all new heights!
  • Coriander Hummus – Okay, okay this one cheats a little bit! If you count the coriander and cilantro as the same ingredient then it’s five ingredients (because they come from the same plant)? Either way, let’s just think of this one as a bonus recipe.
  • Citrus & Pomegranate Salad – this is one of those recipes that proves having the best fresh ingredients is essential. With so few ingredients, you really are able to taste every single piece of food that goes into this recipe.
  • Rosemary Nuts – Serve these at your next gathering and they will be the first thing to disappear. Surprisingly simple for how addicting this recipe is, plan to make a big batch to so they last awhile.



  • Red Pepper Stew – Slow roasting a minimal amount of ingredients can pack a huge flavor punch! This recipe is also so versatile that you will be eating the leftovers in all sorts of forms for days.
  • Sweet Potato Gnocci – pillowy sweet potato dumplings with minimal ingredients? Can’t resist!
  • Adzuki Bean Tofu – worried about over-processed tofu made of soy? Have no fear because homemade bean tofu is a thing and it looks really really delicious!
  • Kimchi Zen Salad – Do your digestive system a favor and add more kimchi into your diet with simple recipes like this salad cup!



  • Blissful Bites – These no bake cookies are the perfect treat when it’s too hot to turn the oven on or you aren’t looking to put too much effort into dessert.
  • Raw Vegan Fudgsicles – Hide your veggies in these fudgy chocolate popsicles for a way to please both your body and cravings.
  • Milk Stout & Sea Salt Caramels – a fun project recipe that makes a huge amount of caramels to enjoy over a few weeks or gift to friends to spread the love.
  • Strawberry Chia Pudding – did you buy chia seeds for a special recipe and not sure what to do with the rest? This pudding is your answer.




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  • onepartplant
    April 19, 2016

    WHAT A ROUNDUP!! Thanks so much for including some OPP recipes.

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