Searchable Saturdays

1. Using balsamic vinegar AND peppercorn in a cocktail? I’m intrigued.

2. David Lynch has been in my life a lot lately. We recently started rewatching Twin Peaks (it’s one of my favvvs) with some friends and have been selling through his limited edition Eraserhead LPs like hotcakes at work. This means it was no surprise that I was highly amused by this recent interview with him about his food habits and this video of him making quinoa (which is just sooo….David Lynch).
3. I love love love this DIY on how to make an old backpack into a cute vintage-esque flower purse!

4.  So in love of the concept of the Makeshift Society. I wish that we lived in a big enough city to make our own clubhouse…Midwest edition!

5. With the days getting shorter, I’ve been thinking a lot about lighting in our home and am starting to contemplate replacing some of the light fixtures that came with our renter home. Maybe Ombre lighting?

6. It’s Saturday? I could use a Spicy Bloody Mary. Right. Now.

7. We made these pumpkin donuts this week for a movie night and they were fantastic!

Mmmmkaa! And now I am off to find myself a Bloody Mary…

Have a wonderful weekend!



  • Sasha Hunter
    October 20, 2012

    good old Saturdays when you are completely relaxed after a night of gossiping and vodka

  • OrganiCat
    October 25, 2012

    OMGOMGOMG!!! I love me some David Lynch!! I had just finshed my quinoa breakfast when I came upon this. TOO COOL! I grew up very near to North Bend and Snoqualmie, where Twin Peaks was set and I’ve been a Lynch Freak ever since…in fact, my 16th birthday party was a Twin Peaks theme. No cake, just cherry pie and coffee…black as night on a moonless night. The next day, we went to the first local showing of Fire Walk With Me…aaah. Thanks for the memories…and the quinoa!

    • shellywest
      October 25, 2012

      Yes! I am such a huge Twin Peaks fan! I’ve seen the show all the way through SO many times and when we went to Seattle last February, I made my boyfriend drive an hour of the way to see the Double R Diner and Lodge! haha…I love it and am glad you found the humor (or the fact that there was none) in that David Lynch quinoa video.

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