Searchable Saturdays

Mornin’! Happy Saturday. This post is coming a bit later than usual because I had a much needed sleep in session. I hope you aren’t mad? Good. Here are a few things that really inspired VV this week….




1. I am in love with aesthetics of this poster. Everything from the mix of shapes to the color combination to it’s simplicity. Not that I’m planning on doing a re-design anytime soon but am always on the look out for inspiring design ideas.

2. Twin Peaks has been on the mind lately. We are finally getting close to finishing the series for the third (yikes) time. I’m thinking I may have to make a cherry pie for the finale (we already made donuts / coffee for our viewing pleasure awhile back).

3. I have tried SOOO many vegan Macaroni & Cheese recipes but never one as beautiful as this! It’s going on my list of things to cook this weekend.

4. On the hunt for a cool vintage hanging plant for the bathroom. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe a spider plant or some sort of vine?


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It’s supposed to be cold and snowy here all day so I plan on catching up on a bunch of cooking, reading, and snuggling with my puppy.


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