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Moody Monday: Lake Michigan Bound // Preserving Pesto

September 10, 2012

Hey all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! You may be seeing me post less and less ‘Moody Monday’ posts as we move forward because I’ve been trying to incorporate more day-to-day things into regular posts. This means that a regrouping at the beginning of the week is starting to feel a bit unnecessary. But either way, I do enjoy posting about my weekend so today I am going to!

Wyatt and I ended up taking our spontaneous road trip up to Lake Michigan and went camping for the weekend. It was a much needed adventure! We were so back and forth on going because we have been so busy lately that taking the weekend away from our house just did not seem like it was be a de-stresser. Instead, I felt like I should probably stay home and that I would find relief in cleaning up around the house, being lazy with some tea and a magazine, and watching movies with my boyfriend. However, these are things I’ve been doing for the past month so making myself get out of my comfort zone was a perfect change of pace. There is something about listening to the waves crash along the shore and gazing out into endless water that is so soothing. The perfect cure to a stressful month!

I am so glad we took this trip because it may be our last camping trip of the season. And the weather was cool which meant all weekend long flannel wearing and crisp evenings by the fire. Helllloooooo, Fall!

Oh…and here are a few pictures from the weekend!


Anyhow, shifting gears…am I the only one who seems to have mounds and mounds of basil taking over my backyard? Well, I’m guessing not and although I currently loathe the flavor of basil because it has been in pretty much every dish I’ve made for the past 3 months… I know come February I will be missing summer bounty like woahh. So, in attempt to spare my future self of the winter blues, I whipped up some pesto and froze it in ice cube trays for the cooling months ahead.

These cubes will be perfect come winter when you want to add a bit of pesto to stews, pasta, or pretty much anything that comes to mind! Just remember to top the cubes with olive oil because it will prevent the pesto from getting freezer burnt. Also, I omitted the Parmesan so that my pesto will be more versatile but feel free to play around with it! And lastly, feel free to double or triple this batch if you have a ton ton ton of basil on hand.

Preserving Pesto in Ice Trays

  • 4 cups basil
  • 2/3 cup nuts of choice (I used cashews that were soaked but feel free to experiment)
  • 1/2 cup + 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • Ice tray

In a food processor or blender, pulse the basil, nuts, and 1/2 cup olive oil together until a thick pesto has formed. Pour evenly into an ice tray. Drizzle the extra tablespoon of olive on top of the prepared pesto. Stick in the freezer overnight and then transfer to an airtight bag. Store in the freezer for up to 6 month.

Moody Monday: Puppy Party

August 13, 2012


Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It finally cooled off around here this weekend which meant that my tomatoes are finally almost done ripening! Yay! In other news- this is going to be a very very busy week for VV. Hope you are all ready for it!

This weekend was a busy one! Wyatt’s parents came to visit and they brought Tuko’s 10 week old little brother (SOOOO ADORABLE) and their other boxer dog. This meant that it was a puppy part allllll weekend long.

Pictured above: Tuko’s little brother & me, Slaw veggie dog, the [empty] dam at the dog park, and Tuko & his little brother (looooook at how big tuko is compared to him!).


Moody Monday: Porch Naps

April 9, 2012

Monday, agaiiin? The weeks are going by so fast! I graduate in less than a month and am in no way ready for “the real world”. I feel too young and niave still…I feel too entitled to everything still. I am not ready for that reality check.

On a happier note, I went to the first Farmer’s Market this past Saturday. Oooooh, how I love the market! Fresh produce, plants, baked goods, puppies! As I noted in my previous post, I got some yummy produce that I used right right away and am already ready for next week’s market! Oh summer…you are approaching fast!

Anyways, Moody Monday… I think I shall write today’s post about porch naps. I have an absolutely fabulous porch AND a plant filled sunroom which I have become keen to on windy days. Both days this weekend I took some afternoon naps on them and could have not been more satisfied. What is a better feeling than waking up to fresh air and beautiful sunshine?

This is the view of my paper crane mobiles when laying on my couch in the sunroom. The thought of porch naps will be what gets me through this week!

What’s your Moody Monday perker?

Moody Monday: Pancake Party

April 2, 2012

It felt particularly hard to get out of bed today. I think I was dreaming that I woke up and it was Saturday so I felt cheated when I woke up to Monday morning smacking me in the face. Oh well, life goes on, right?

Today’s Moody Monday is about eating breakfast/brunch for dinner! I am not sure if there is any food genre (I don’t think “food genre” is a real term but oh well) I enjoy more than Brunch. However, it is never convenient to host a brunch party when you associate with a group of youngsters who wish they were rock stars and think it’s cool to party all night and wake up at 4 PM. This has led me to really appreciate breakfast for dinner because it allows you to make all the essentials (french toast, bloody marys, mimosas, hashbrowns, etc) without having to worry about no one showing up.

The other Friday I had a few people over from work and we had a pancake party. Without the help of Evan, we whipped up some yummy versatile pancakes that we managed to throw dark chocolate chips, hazelnut, and strawberry jam into. Mmmmm.

Kristin managed to rock the pancake flippin’

Pancake mix-ins inspired By Food Coma!

Moody Monday

March 26, 2012

Here it is again! Oh Mondays…you seem to come up so quickly these days. Luckily, this weekend was filled with cooking, family, and music shows so I have no reason to complain.

Today’s Moody Monday is about all the sprouting going on! Ahh! It’s March and my blueberry bush has already sprouted and all the trees are practically in full bloom! It’s crazy but gorgeous and it’s the kind of simple pleasure that can’t help but make you feel relaxed (even if it is Monday).


Moody Monday or Tortured Tuesday?

March 20, 2012

Moody Monday on a Tuesday? Yeah, it doesnt make sense but I was just having too much of a Moody Monday to even post about it! I know that seems strange but I was just in a really negative funk and didn’t want to write a negative post.

But now it’s Tuesdays! And Tuesday is my longest day (classes from 10 am to 9 pm) so why not think of something to get me through my “Torture Tuesday”?

Today’s Tortured Tuesday is pictures from the Lake this weekend. Not only was it 80 this weekend (Hellooooo…March??) but it was also sunny and just begging for us to have a lake day. We have this spot in the middle of the forest that is known to only fishers and other young college students (no squares allowed!) and we had it all to ourselves this weekend which meant playing our tapes extra loud and introducing our puppy to the chilly water.

Why is it not Saturday again already?

Moody Monday

March 12, 2012

Monday, again? Thankfully I have a semi-easy week with it being Spring Break…although I remember when spring break meant having a week off…now I only manage to have Tuesday and Thursday off and have to work the other days. Oh well, I like my job… no complaining.

Anyways, my Moody Monday post is about my huuuuuuuge brick porch that could be a house in itself. It’s absolutely amazing and I love spending all of my free time on it. It was so nice this weekend that I was able to not have one but TWO picnics on it!

On Saturday, Ella (my wonderful roommate), Tuco (pictured below), and I had a coffee date with biscotti and Turkish tea! Mmmm

And then last night, Wyatt and I had a dinner picnic full of yummy soup (post about this adventure to happen ASAP) and open faced sandwiches.

And my porch has the best view for me to lean against the brick and watch my boys play!

Moody Monday

March 5, 2012

Today was a particularly dreadful day to get out of bed. For one, there was SNOW on the ground! We didn’t have snow from December to February and now that it’s March (and we are expecting to not get snow) it snows. This just started me out on the wrong side of the bed.

And then I get to work to find out that the heat is broken here! Yay! So we all get to wear our coats and gloves until the repair man comes to fix it.

Anyways, so this was a bad start to my week but what do I have to help improve my Moody Monday?


Let’s see…we’ll there is this blog which is the cutest thing to ever hit the internet:

This website makes me want to make a zine with adorable veggies pictures so bad (you know…the pictures where the veggies have facial expressions and are doing human like activities. I think I’m going to try to work on a zine over Spring Break (new goal- just set it!).


Oh, and I’ve been listening to Nobunny all morning which will drastically  helped even the worst case of the Mondays:




Moody Monday

February 27, 2012

I realize I’m stretching this post a little since the whole point of Moody Monday is to pick something that will brighten up your day and today is almost over BUT we just got back from our Seattle/Portland trip a few hours ago and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down at a computer. The trip was amazing and I cannot believe we managed to see and experience so many amazing things in three days.

I hope to edit some of my favorite pictures and post about our events in the coming days but until then…my Mood Monday post is definitely a picture of Seattle and Portland. I’m pretty sure that the excitement of this trip will carry me through at least the rest of the week.


Portland vs. Seattle

Moody Monday

February 20, 2012

You know it’s going to be a long week when you wake up to frost everywhere and your car won’t start. [grumble grumble]. However, I have such amazing roommates [!!!!] that I really can’t be upset because I still got to work on time and have plenty of wonderful people in my life to help me out when these things happen.

So, I should start out by saying that having wonderful friends and roommates is a great relief to a Moody Monday. You don’t always think of these things when everything is going right so I think it’s important to keep that in mind when things go sour like this.

Anyways, my PICTURE for Moody Monday is going to have to be of our new puppy. I CAN’T resist…he is the cutest thing to ever step foot in our home. My boyfriend’s parents gave him a puppy for his birthday and its a ten week old boxer. His name is Tuco but I’ve already started calling him ‘Tofu’.


Knowing I’m coming home to this guy is for sure going to get me through the week.

Moody Monday

February 13, 2012

In the excitement of the Grammy’s (our label won their first Grammy in history thanks to Bon Iver last night! Check out the video clip here), I almost forgot about moody monday! It’s funny because I am the least competitive person you will ever meet and I can’t (for the life of me) understand sports. The whole idea of wasting energy to chase a ball or to cheer on someone you don’t know seems so…pointless to me. But, if I ever could relate to team pride thing it was watching the Grammy’s last night and seeing Bon Iver win ‘Best New Artist’. It’s an exciting feeling.The extended family here at work has spent the last five years putting time and effort into this artist and it’s finally being recognized.

So today’s moody monday isnt going to be a picture but a video. And Yay for Bon Iver. And his extended label family. And Bloomington. And the whole indie scene in general!


Moody Mondays

January 30, 2012

Today’s Moody Monday theme is ‘eating outdoors’. I am in love with being outside (when it’s nice out. I am the biggest wimp when it comes to snow). Anyways, nothing makes me happier than to spend a free afternoon lounging around on a blanket while eating some grub and hanging out with friends.

Top left: This picture was from  my birthday last year when I had a bunch of friends over to grill n’ chill (arg, isn’t that a Dairy Queen slogan?). I have an amazing porch that is perfect for grilling, eating, and beer pong. I am sooooo excited to be hanging out on this porch and am looking forward to spring!

Top Right: Winter picnic with my boy. My favorite type of picnics are waterfall picnics (I don’t know anyone else who makes subgenres for picnics but I love them so much that we must categorize and theme them). Anyways, I got an awesome thermal set that just had to be christened with a picnic. This waterfall is amazing because it’s beautiful, you can get right up next to it, and it’s so far in the podunks of Indiana that it’s never crowded.

Bottom Left: Lake Monroe is one of my favorite parts about Bloomington. Growing up next to Lake Michigan, I felt alittle landlocked when I moved down here because I couldn’t go to the beach after school. Luckily, Lake Monroe filled any longing I may have had for the water. There is this awesome place that all the college kids hang out at called ‘Flat Rock’ which is super secluded and you never have to worry about being bothered. In this picture we are having a ‘Whiskey Cider’ picnic to keep us all warm!

Bottom Right: Campfires! AHHHHH, I love camping so much! This is me in Acadia National Park in Maine which was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Maine is absolutely gorgeous and I am a little bit in love with it (luckily, I’ve heard about their winters so I’m not going to be running away to there anytime soon).

yup. So these are a few memories/favorite things that I am hoping will carry me through the gloomy Monday. Oh also, sneak peak action- I made homemade pasta with my roommate yesterday and am hoping to post about it later tonight! So so so yummmmy.

PSS Oh and this